Laetitia Vitaud

I'm a writer and speaker about the future of work and consumption


What I do

I am a writer and speaker about the future of work and consumption. 

I live in London with my two children and husband but I also spend time in France and Germany (my two countries of origins).

After 10 years of teaching English and American studies in France, I switched to the world of Human Resources. For four years now I have been working with clients on how organisations, management, work space, and social protection are impacted by the unbundling of jobs and the empowerment of freelancers. 

I believe that the values of craftsmanship (autonomy, creativity, responsibility) will emancipate workers and help companies create more value(s). Work as we knew it in the age of the mass economy is dead. Long live the age of individuation and networks!

Since January 2019, I’ve been the editor in chief of the HR media of Welcome to the Jungle, a leading media that helps companies develop “employer branding for the new work generation”.

My publications, in English and in French, appear on the following websites: Medium, Welcome to the Jungle, Malt, LSE Business Review ...

You should also check my personal accounts on Twitter and LinkedIn.


I’m very proud to announce that my latest book, Du Labeur à l’ouvrage (🇫🇷), is to be published on 18 September 2019 with French publisher Calmann-Lévy. You can pre-order it here!

Du Labeur à l’ouvrage (From Labour to Work) deals with the unbundling of jobs and the future of work. As 20th-century institutions like scientific management, social protection and labour unions are being dismantled, workers need to invent a new “bundle” around the values of craftsmanship. Indeed the end of work is nowhere in sight: the future of work is in proximity services, care, empathy and traditionally female activities. The challenges will be to measure value differently and make the future of work inclusive and sustainable.

My previous book was published in France by publisher Armand Colin in 2016: Faut-il avoir peur du numérique ? 25 questions pour vous faire votre opinionwritten with Nicolas Colin.

I regularly write articles and ebooks for Welcome to the Jungle. See the following publications:

I also created a lot of content with Malt, Europe’s leading freelancers platform, about the rise of freelancers and its impact on organisations:

Last but not least I created a blog for WillBe Group, a strategy and management consulting firm, on business and transformation: see all articles in French 🇫🇷 and in English 🇬🇧.

Works in progress

Together with Welcome the the Jungle’s CEO Jérémy Clédat, I'm writing a book (🇬🇧) about innovative HR practices pertaining to onboarding, recruiting, sourcing talent, employer branding developing talent, work space. It is composed of 100 short chapters and designed to help HR professionals make their HR departments fit for the 21st century. The English version will be published by Welcome to the Jungle at the end of 2019. The French version 🇫🇷 (with a publishing house), early in 2020.

Another long-term project is a book titled L’Âge de la Singularité (🇫🇷). Together with my fellow feminist author and friend Emmanuelle Hoss, we intend this book to help us redefine and create value and values after the age of the mass economy.


More about me


HEC Paris Degree in Business
I obtained a master’s degree in "Management of Art and Culture" at HEC, a leading French Business School where I studied from 1998 to 2002.

Université Paris III "Sorbonne Nouvelle"
I obtained the Agrégation d'anglais in 2006. The "Agrégation" is a demanding civil service competitive examination for senior teaching positions in France’s public education system. I chose a specialisation in “American civilisation".


I’m a black belt 2d dan in jujitsu, love all martial arts and encourage all women to experience the joys of finding their inner warrior! Also a yoga enthusiast, I’ve only just learned to enjoy doing inversions and arm balances. With jujitsu and yoga I’ve learned to fall and get back up, and go upside down. 

I read a lot of books about the future of work but I believe it is essential to keep reading for pleasure only. So I read at least one or two novels each month, mostly by female writers. Recently I’ve fallen in love with American novelist Meg Wolitzer: The Wife, The Female Persuasion, The Ten-Year Nap


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Wearing a Kimono

2nd dan in 2010


Doing a Headstand

Going upside down to get a better perspective